Smoker’s quit for good for free programme

Here you’ll find the questions most frequently asked about the “Smokers, quit for good” programme. Together with answers. If your question is not answered here please feel free to email  with your question.

What is the Smoker’s quit for good for free programme? Just that an opportunity for smokers to quit for good for free.

Is the programme really that good? It’s better you won’t just quit for free. You’ll be better off financially shortly after starting the programme due to reducing your smoking. After completing your programme you’ll be thousands of pounds better off every year as a non-smoker. Your £57 investment made at the end of your programme will come out of money that you have already saved.

Who runs the programme and why was it formulated?

The programme was formulated and is run by Eileen Edwards proprietor of Edwards Health Clinic. The clinic was established in 1978 and has provided Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy services for the local community since then.

Eileen formulated the “Smokers, quit for good” programme to help more smokers. She understands that in these difficult financial times not everyone’s budget can accommodate her one to one fees. Additionally the programme allows smokers at a greater distance from the practice to be helped.  

How does the programme work?

You’ll access the programme online. It comprises deep relaxation sessions that work at the unconscious level of mind as well as written exercises to boost your desire to become a non-smoker. Most non-smoking programmes don’t address the unconscious mental level.

What is the unconscious mental level?

The mind is divided into two, the conscious mind with which you are reading these words roughly 10% and the unconscious mind 90%. According to famous psychologist Sigmund Freud 90% of our behaviour is decided at the unconscious mental level. So it’s hardly surprising that you‘ve had difficulty in acting on your decision to become a non-smoker to date as you have been using only 10% of your mind. With the 90% of your mind on your side it becomes a smooth, straightforward process.

 How is "Smoker's quit for good" different from other stop smoking programmes?

It’s different in several ways.  Firstly you will not need to use willpower whilst on the programme. In fact our clients must agree not to attempt to reduce or stop smoking by willpower as this would interfere with the programmes work at their unconscious mental level. Provided that the programme is used correctly you should not feel anxious, irritable or experience excessive weight gain.

Are there any side effects of using the programme?

Yes, positive ones. Our clients tell us that their deep relaxation sessions help them to feel calm and confident. Improved sleep and lowered blood pressure have also been known to occur


Are there some people that the programme is unsuitable for?  

If you have experienced a recent bereavement, divorce or other upsetting happening this would not be a suitable time to join the programme. You’ll need time to recover before attempting to make changes such as becoming a non smoker. We would suggest wait at least three months after any major trauma before joining the programme.

Supposing I only want to cut down?

This programme is not meant for you. It is aimed at smokers who are serious about quitting for good. Smokers who need help to quit can’t cut down and continue smoking a smaller number of cigarettes permanently. You would have done this already if it were possible for you.

Each smoker is given one opportunity to begin the programme for free. Smokers who simply cut down and leave the programme without completing it would be asked for a payment of £100 before being allowed to join a second time.

Supposing I quit by myself and don’t complete the final session?

You will have done this as a result of using willpower and are unlikely to remain a permanent non-smoker. You will receive suggestions about becoming a non-smoker at your final session. The earlier sessions are aimed at allowing you to cut down in preparation to become a non-smoker.  

Are there other ways that Eileen can help smokers? Yes, Eileen works one to one with smokers wishing to quit at her New Malden practice and has done so since 1978. These treatments begin at £200 for the complete smoker’s treatment.

Does Eileen Help with other problems? Yes, Eileen is a qualified hypno/psychotherapist ADHP MNRHP, member of the National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists. She also has a Psychology degree BSc Hons Psych and is an accredited Life Coach with the Life Coaching Academy. As such she provides help with most anxiety related problems such as anxiety, depression, panic states, phobias, food related issues, insomnia etc.

How do I get started on the “Smokers quit for good programme”?  Email Eileen at telling her roughly how many cigarettes you smoke per day currently and why you would like to stop. Please also let us know if you are an insulin dependant diabetic. This will not prevent you from taking part in the programme.

If the programme seems right for you you'll receive a link to a secure website where you can work through your programme in your own time. Apart from Eileen who will be able to look in on your progress and offer on-going help and advice your programme is strictly confidential. No one else will see your answers or comments.